Examples of niche blogs

By | December 25, 2018

Blogging is gaining popularity in every part of the world and therefore the competition is increasing day by day. You will find blog articles almost on all the major topics. And thats when the niche Blogging got in light.

Niche Blogging is basically going till the end of the sub-topics. For example consider a topic like Electronics. Now this particular topic has various sub-topics in it. Like smartphones and then the smartphones have apps. The apps has categories like gaming, security, business and other. Similarly gaming has different categories and so on till it ends. The end topic is called as the niche.

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How to find niche topics:-

For niche topics you can refer to Amazon or Flipkart. They have a tons of products and some of them are really very popular. Like recently MI TV was the best seller on Flipkart. So you can just write on it or on its sub-topics like it’s installation, tips, hidden features and other things.

Similarly you can write on the bikes. Not many bloggers write on it so there’s a higher chance that your site may rank on a particular topic related to the bikes. Even the cpc rate would be high for it.

Similarly try to write on topics that you were not able to find on Google. Because many people like you must be wanting the same information which now you can provide them without any competition.

Examples of Niche Blogs:-

  1. How to make Money online without investment.
  2. How to rank in Google.
  3. Top 5 gadgets under $1.
  4. Health and Fitness blog.
  5. Automobiles.
  6. Blogs for bloggers.
  7. Travel blogs.
  8. Cryptocurrency blogs.

So these are some of the examples of niche blogs. Definitely you can find yourself one just by some research. As I said earlier you can refer to Amazon to find some interesting gadgets to write on. Niche blogging is very profitable and attracts more visitors to your website, so get on it now.

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