How to create a free Privacy Policy Page for your Website.

By | December 29, 2018

We all know that now Privacy Policy Page is mandatory for every blog and website. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an about us or disclaimer page, but a privacy Policy Page is must.

Even now in updated version of WordPress you will see a separate Privacy section in the settings option. It is a key factor for your AdSense approval. So without wasting any time let’s see in detail,how to create a free privacy Policy Page for your website.

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Step-1 :-

Go to this website and click on to create a free privacy policy page.

Step-2 :-

It will ask some questions for your privacy policy page, so let’s go through it one by one.

First it will ask you to select a platform. For now, we are creating it for our website so select the website option and continue.

Then it ask you whether you run a registered business or an individual. So simply choose “I’m an individual” and continue. Select your respected country and state and go on to the next step.

Now they ask for your website URL. So go to your website and copy the URL and paste it there e.g. “”. Also give your website name and move to the next one.

Further it ask us what kind of personal information do we collect from users. So simply select “email address” and “first name and last name” options. Choose NO for the location information, if you don’t ask for it. Further it ask whether you email your users. So choose Yes if you do otherwise choose “No”. Now choose YES if you use Google analytics tool which I am sure you must be using.

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Then it will ask you, how users can contact you regarding your privacy policy. Choose the option “A page from my website” and simply paste the URL of yours website contact page and move further.

Now it asks you whether you want to have a free Privacy Policy Page or the professional (paid) one. We will create a free privacy policy page so select the option.

Finally, they will ask for your email address to send you the created privacy Policy Page. You can also choose to create it in different languages provided there.

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Step-3 :-

It will provide you with a preview of your privacy policy page and also the HTML view of it. Go to your website’s dashboard and create a new page for Privacy Policy. Open the page and paste the HTML version of it in the HTML section and publish it. Now go to privacy option in your dashboard’s setting. Select Privacy Policy Page from existing pages and save the settings. You can put the page in the primary menu which is recommended.

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