How to add a SSL certificate to your WordPress Website for free

By | December 27, 2018

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. It is a must for your website. Basically whatever happens between your visitors on your website, the information stays private and secure by this certificate. Like if you have a e-commerce website, then while transactions the card numbers will be secured by this certificate.

SSL certificate is must before applying to Google AdSense. It changes the site address from http to https with a locked sign. Without the SSL certificate, Google will warn the visitors to move further which is a bit frustrating. And most of them won’t enter your site. So without any further delay let’s see how we can get SSL certificate for free in just 4 steps.

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Step-1 :-

Go to the cloudflare website and create your account. They will send a confirmation email which you will have to confirm.

Step-2 :-

After that click on “add a site” and add your’s site address. After that select a free plan and continue.

Step-3 :-

Now it tells you to change your website nameservers. So for that log in to your domain provider company (GoDaddy, Bigrock,etc). After that go to DNS in Domain Management. Remove the default Nameservers and copy the server that is provided on the cloudflare website. Now verifiy it and wait for 24 hours.

Step-4 :-

Now below in Domain summary (or go to crypto) go to SSL and change the setting from “full” to “flexible”. Now scroll down and enable the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites option. Now you have to wait 24 hrs (maximum) until it’s done.

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Your website’s URL will automatically change to https. Now it’s secure and won’t warn your visitors.


Remember that HTTPS doesn’t mean that your website is fully secured from the hackers. It just protects the transfer data from visitors desktop to yours.

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